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Photos of Places with Significant Energy

Significant Energy Places and Phenomena of Nature

Why do we include this photo gallery on our website? It is known that photographs of energetically acting places are able to imprint  in themselves up to an estimated 80 % of the energy effect, to which is one exposed when visiting such a place. We do not of course imply that from now on everybody  will sit at home and travel in nature only with the help of photos and the Internet. This definitely not. We recommend to take the published photographs as impulses where one can go and what one can experience. Or even as a help in case of emergency when one has no other possibility than to at lease expose oneself to the energies emanating  from the photographs of these places.

An actual visit of the given place is always a unique experience and it can not be substituted simply by looking at photographs. Snapshots in our photo gallery can however still considerably energetically help. The systems of the New Spiritual Path enable now,  that the photographs of the given place published  here, no matter when  they had been taken, were with the help of Nature connected with the current  energy of the spot today – at this moment when we look at it. And so they passed to the reader the current energy of the displayed locality at the given time point. Day after day it is thus possible to receive from these energetically significant places energy impulses enabling everybody to direct better his/her spiritual path. Nature reacts to your being and transmits to you such energy impulses which are current just for your being at the given moment.

Photographs of the site, phenomenon, stone beings will be when possible supplemented by current spiritual communication with Nature and natural beings. In some cases we have also carried out an independent spiritual communication, when the same question was asked by several people. What meaning does this have? Even Nature, just like a man, has its spiritual levels. Different people can therefore resonate with different spiritual levels of Nature. Their communications are thus not exactly the same, but differ in details and the way of looking at the situation. And so they are mutually complementary and provide a more comprehensive view on the given issue.

We have prepared so far the following areas and phenomena:
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