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9. Light and Darkness in the Spiritual Background of the World

Jiří Novák Published 21.2.2010
Jiří Novák

Inorganic sphere of the Planet - mountain ranges, waters and atmosphere, produces mainly the neutral bioenergy of straight fiber. In the creation of the Planet’s environment interfered, however, also levorotary beings of Darkness and they strived to transform ordinary processes to levorotary form. The result was that the Planet and other cosmic bodies, damaged and hurt by them, began to create in their interior apart from the original straight fibre bioenergies also levorotary bioenergies. Neutral bioenergies of straight fibre and levorotary bioenergies usually emerge from the depths of the Earth alongside rifts and geological faults and lead to the tops of hills or groundwater sources. High concentration of positive dextrorotary bioenergy is perceived by people positively as a touch of extraordinary purity. On the contrary, high concentration of negative levorotary bioenergy can have an utterly devastating effects on a man. From weaker feelings of unusual anxiety, distress, impaired breathing to the strong anxiety, horror, dread.

© Jiří Novák, February 2010