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What Is a Pure Spiritual Ascension?

Optimal nutrition, daily care for the proper functioning of my chakras, avoiding everything that harms me.

What is it then the pure spiritual ascension? Natural nutritional care. Daily cleaning and tuning of our chakras by exercising the Five Tibetans. Stay in nature. Avoiding food, places, beings, which are evidently harmful for us. Daily care for both the material and spiritual side of our being. Regular and balanced daily routine in which material and spiritual activities, rest and sleep have their place.  Conscious elimination of bad habits, vices from our every thought, word, deed. Conscious effort to be every following day cleaner inside, more balanced, better tuned. No falling asleep on a pink cloud when we achieve the first dreamed-of goal, but steady constant daily ascent.

Avoiding extremes. On the contrary, balancing of opposing and complementary pairs of opposites into a harmonious unity and balance. We rid ourselves of any signs of selfishness, that is meeting of one‘s needs at the expense of other people, at the expense of other life forms, at the expense of nature. But equally we condemn unconditional service to others at the expense of oneself. We strive to take the middle way between extremes. The way of balance between each pair of opposing complementary poles. Self love - love for others. Self love - love of nature. Material part of being - spiritual part of being. Unconditional love for one’s self means perfect selfishness. From the development point of view, however, it means for a man the same absolute deviation as the unconditional service to others, which can result even in self-destruction. It leads to neglecting of care for one's own being, for self development, for spiritual growth. One does for the others even what they should do for themselves. But he is not able to do the same things for himself. In fact, by such help, one is depriving the others of their spiritual path.