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5C. Pure Creation in the Light versus Magic

Jiří Novák Published 1.3.2020
Jiří Novák

What is a pure light creation? The origins of ancient magical systems. The magical abilities of the highest Dhyan angels. Magic was imparted to the original humankind on Earth as well. The level of mastery of magic was a measure of spiritual maturity. Black magic was created by the mistakes of the workers of the side of Light. Why did magic still persist on Earth? The new humankind of the second type was led to restore magical abilities. Orientation of magic to the elemental world. The elements represent the apparatus of the Creators and Nature themselves. It is inadmissible for a human to have such an apparatus at his disposal. The Creators were preparing the world for a new stage of development without magic. Why unlimited ascension in the Light? The creative power of pure light ascension. Temporary permanence of magical systems. To survive or not to survive on Earth? Adepts of magic continue to defend their inappropriate attitude.

© Jiří Novák, March 2020