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6B. How to Distinguish Light and Dark Spiritual Ascension

Jiří Novák Published 15.3.2020
Jiří Novák

A reminder of the origin of dextrorotary and levorotary bioenergy. The opposition of Good and Evil is not a mere assessment of a spiritually immature person. What is and what is not ascension in the Light. The New Spiritual Path has found the true criterion of light ascension. The Old Spiritual Path's flawed assumption that the upward ascension of dark beings is closed beyond a certain limit. The dark forces found the path of ascension much earlier than the Light. The distinction between Light and Dark had previously been blurred into indeterminacy. Conversely, what is typical of an ascension in the Dark? Two important principles of dark work. Examples of crucial tests on the Dark Path. Creating the possibility to effectively get rid of dark influences. Our advantage is the inner power of light ascension. The goal is to achieve a stable ascension in the Light.

© Jiří Novák, March 2020