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Articles I : 1 - 29

1. What Is the Spiritual Plane of Life and of the World?

Every man and his every act contains two parts, two components, two planes, levels. Physical, material, obvious plane - that is what is seen, heard, what you can feel, taste. So what we perceive through our ordinary senses. What makes the first impression. And second, spiritual, intangible, hidden plane - that represents a hidden invisible atmosphere, the mood that accompanies this man and his deeds. Hidden reasons, underlying causes, invisible driving forces. Hidden layers of reality, which often have a significant impact on the functioning of the visible physical part. Sensory and intellectual perception, printed information, television news - it can all be manipulated and may not reflect the truth. The hidden plane of life and the world brings the real truth.

2. Why Is It Important to Take Interest in the Spiritual Background of Life?

If we want to change ourselves or the world, we must be able to look into the spiritual background of the world. The spiritual background of the world does affect everyone, whatever he or she thinks about it. The spiritual background has a higher priority than matter. Not even a strong will can always overcome influences from the spiritual background of the world. The violence, that has so abounded all around us, is the result of loss of connection with our spiritual background. That is why it is nowadays so important to overcome the public rejection of the existence of the spiritual plane of life. One of the principles behind the functioning of the spiritual background of the world is that if I hurt someone, one day this aggression returns to me like a boomerang.

3. How to Perceive the Spiritual Background of the World?

The spiritual background of man and the world is officially rejected, but secretly investigated. Doors to the spiritual background are opened by my internal balance and moral purity. Awakening of spiritual perception can be thus the result of conscious work on ourselves. Beware, however, the access to the spiritual background out of sequence, with the help of drugs, artificial techniques or rituals. Since from the spiritual background act not only the forces of Light, but also the forces of Darkness. Do not let ourselves become silent collaborators of the Darkness for seeming advantages. The attitude of the materialists is not right either. Because if I reject my own spiritual plane, I am giving it to the disposal of the hidden forces of Darkness.

4. Basic Differences in Spiritual and Material World View

The Universe is a living being. We can describe its creation by analogy with the growth of the human embryo. Darwinian assumption that life originated alone by itself is not supported by even one evidence, by one result from the practice. In all history of mankind we do not know even one case of transformation of one species to another. Neither fossils from the past support Darwin's theory. So how life actually arose on the planet? The existence of humans is not limited by only one physical life. Man is an eternal being, he returns to the planet or to other worlds in many rebirths, reincarnations. Physical death therefore does not mean the very end of a being, it is only a transition to another form, to another level of functioning.

5. Energies of the Spiritual Plane of Life, Akasha, Bioenergies and Elements

In the Universe there are different levels of energies, some of them even transcend our Universe and exist beyond its space or even beyond its real time. Energy called akasha is the primaeval source, from which emerged our Universe and other energy levels in it. It is an ocean, which permeates our entire Universe and in which at the same time our whole Universe swims like one of the many isolated islands. Each particle of akasha contains two power poles - creative and destructive. By separating the creative and destructive pole the dextrorotary and levorotary bioenergies were formed, which began to compete with each other and gave rise to the opposite of Good and Evil.

6. Good and Evil as Two Competing Forces, Descents into the Lower Worlds

Good and Evil are two objectively existing mutually exclusive opposites backed by different types of energy carriers - dextrorotary and levorotary bioenergies. Opposites that compete with each other for influence on the world and living beings in it. Evil does not come from our world, but in reality was descending from above downwards. We, people, have not created Evil by our activities here in the matter, we have just created by our unethical behaviour favourable conditions for Evil to penetrate by resonance from above down to the next lower level. To our material world descended namely beings who had already once or repeatedly failed in the struggle with Evil in their environment. And imprints of their failure, imprints of defeat in the battle against Darkness, they brought in the form of karmic layers inside themselves. Only we can help ourselves today. But we need to get on the path of spiritual ascension.

7. First and Second Plan of the Creators, Mankind of 1st and 2nd Type

Many ancient texts suggest that the process of creation of human civilization on Earth had two phases, which are in many texts called as the First plan of the Creators and the Second plan of the Creators. Humankind of the 1st type was able to transform matter by their own consciousness and lived to the long age of thousands of years. So from the perspective of ordinary men these people seemed to be immortal. They were not dying of diseases and infections, but they could be killed in fights. However, because of their open consciousness they often yielded to mental pressure exerted by a dark consciousness – by the Forces of Darkness. None of the variants of development of mankind of the 1st type reached a permanent evolutionary ascension and an acquirement of resistance to Evil. Even a system of initiations did not help. Therefore a new attempt had to come - the creation of a new human of the 2nd type.

8. The Second Plan of the Creators – Today’s Mankind

New humans of the 2nd type live to a short age, they do not commonly have creative abilities to change and transform matter by their consciousness, and their initial spiritual awareness is intentionally suppressed. We people of the 2nd type have acquired however something extra, what the ancient mankind did not have. The possibility of spiritual ascension. The ability to ascend over any borders and spiritual thresholds. An an inner desire for knowledge that will drive us beyond the boundaries of this world. During the wars beetween the gods and demons 20 thousand years ago the Earth’s humankind of the 2nd type proved for the first time that it is able to resist better the organized Evil on the planet, than the seemingly superior original mankind of the 1st type. A complete change of human population on the planet occurred then quietly over the next thousands of years.

9. Light and Darkness in the Spiritual Background of the World

Inorganic sphere of the Planet - mountain ranges, waters and atmosphere, produces mainly the neutral bioenergy of straight fiber. In the creation of the Planet’s environment interfered, however, also levorotary beings of Darkness and they strived to transform ordinary processes to levorotary form. The result was that the Planet and other cosmic bodies, damaged and hurt by them, began to create in their interior apart from the original straight fibre bioenergies also levorotary bioenergies. Neutral bioenergies of straight fibre and levorotary bioenergies usually emerge from the depths of the Earth alongside rifts and geological faults and lead to the tops of hills or groundwater sources. High concentration of positive dextrorotary bioenergy is perceived by people positively as a touch of extraordinary purity. On the contrary, high concentration of negative levorotary bioenergy can have an utterly devastating effects on a man. From weaker feelings of unusual anxiety, distress, impaired breathing to the strong anxiety, horror, dread.

10. Unlike Magic, Power of Pure Ascension Cannot Be Misused Against Light

Everyone knows that magic was at the birth of this world. We also know that its aim is the return to the ancient abilities. The essential thing is that magic has been already abused many times against the side of Light. The time has come, however, when we can no longer for the twentieth, hundreth time repeat the same mistake and still try to defend ourselves by the same means that have failed already so many times. The time has come, when it is necessary to discover some special strength typical only and just for the side of Light, because only by such means can the side of Light gain a definitive predominance. This new tool is the force of pure spiritual ascension that is able to resist even the magic and which can not be misused against the Light. At the same time it has the strength and the power to finally get the humankind onto the path of permanent spiritual ascension.

11. To Reveal or Continue to Conceal Information about the Spiritual Background of the World?

If someone intentionally conceals from us part of the Truth still nowadays, or as if „protects“ us from information, then they expose us to targeted manipulation, so that we were not able to decide correctly due to lack of information. The Earth does not function only as a teaching planet today, that means a planet designated to teach something. But above all as a planet of searching for a new concept of development in the critical period of history not only of this world but also of the whole system of worlds in the Creation. When mankind goes the wrong direction but the catastrophe is still far away, then a small change in behaviour and attitudes is sufficient to solve everything. But the closer we are to the catastrophe, the more radical turn in the direction of spiritual orientation is necessary to do.

12. Repeated Attempts of the Dark Forces to Seize Control over the Material World

Only matter enables to solve and finalize the combat of the spiritual forces of Good and Evil that are in the background of matter. The material world is the only realm in which we can defy dark manipulation. In which we can purify ourselves from dark sediments from the past. From the errors and faults that are in the form of karmic layers deposited within ourselves. The best protection is to get onto the path of permanent spiritual ascension. Energies alone do not dominate. The power to dominate is imparted to them by the strength of consciousness that imposes on these energies the direction and mode of action and gives them a certain manipulative coloration. Organic material life on the planet originally arose as dextrorotary. Our original dextrorotary essence is however dirty, impaired, damaged.