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Life Philosophy on the New Spiritual Path

What ethical principles we advocate. What we consider to be pure spiritual ascension. And on the contrary, what spiritual practices and techniques we reject.

Life philosophy of us who walk the New Spiritual Path is following. We teach others  what we do ourselves. We seek to behave in such a way, so that what we think, what we say and what we do, was the same. We advocate an open approach and absolute sincerity. We strive for a pure spiritual ascension without any unethical shortcuts  and impure aids, and the same we teach other people.      We strictly reject any attempts to control energies through will and consciousness or to manipulate other beings. We also reject any research into spiritual structures and libraries which is out of order, outside the level of one‘s inner harmony. As magic does it and as many spiritual rituals do, which are based openly or covertly on the control of energies through thought and will or even on hypnosis.

We condemn any artificial aids on the spiritual path of ascension. This means medicaments, drugs, psychotropic substances as well as technical equipment used for shifts to other states of consciousness or affecting in any hidden way human consciousness. Nor do we toy with magical impregnation of food and inhaled air with various ideas, as it is tought on some seminars – I consciously add thoughts to the food – together with food I receive love, by breathing I inhale health and purity, etc. Even that is magic.

We reject the visualization of flow of energies as well - such as thinking that my crown chakra is opening and that a stream of pure spiritual energy is entering into me.  "I imagine" means that I simultaneously both propose and create. So even this is an attempt at magic, at the ​​artificial creating of reality through our thought and will.

Therefore we prefer unequivocally a pure spiritual ascension. All these are ethical principles of the New Spiritual Path. At the same time we, however, protect our own freedom and independence and we provide the same right also to everyone else. All of this leads us then gradually to act in our lives at any moment so, that it would be good for us and at the same time for other beings and the whole Universe.