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This Czech language website was founded in 2010 and contains thousands of pages. It is not within our power to translate it entirely into English. So far we have translated only the first section, introductory texts to the sections, from the Articles of the Main Series opening summaries to the first articles and the article No. 1. Therefore, below we provide links to both English and Czech version of each section. You can use machine translations, such as Google Translator - although not completely accurate, it is usually sufficient.

At the turn of the millennium and the ages the New Spiritual Path (NSP) opened for humankind. You can find an introductory explanation in the section:
         What is the New Spiritual Path? / Co je to Nová duchovní cesta?

Much of what we convey on these pages is completely new information. Information about what is crucial for a man to do if he decides to enter the spiritual path of Light nowadays. What options are available to him. What obstacles and challenges will he typically have to overcome…
What we communicate
to others is not just learned and read information. But our own experiences from the journey already taken. We pass on primarily what we perceive with our intuition, what we obtain during two-way spiritual communication with higher beings – the planet Earth, Nature, Cosmic Consciousness and other higher worlds and spheres. And what we have discovered by looking into the ancient past of our beings, all of humanity and other worlds during karmic cleansing. And what has gradually confirmed in our lives and in the lives of other people.

Over time, we began to publish our own books focused on certain topics or sections of history: The spiritual background of the history of Earth civilization. 1st and 2nd creation plan and the resulting dual type of man on Earth with different possibilities, material and spiritual equipment. The differences between the original Old Spiritual Path and the New Spiritual Path started in 1999. Spiritual issues of today's human. How to get to an unlimited spiritual ascent in Light and maintain it permanently - lifestyle principles. Continuous karmic cleansing. Communication with the spiritual institutions that covertly guide the current development on Earth.
You can find an overview of the books and the order form in the section:
Published BOOKS / Vydané KNIHY

OTHER ITEMS IN THE MENU of this website:

Article containing basic information for readers who seek change in their life and need advice. Under what conditions and how we can help them:
Looking for a Change? Do You Need Help? / Hledáte změnu? Potřebujete pomoc?

Overview of the links to the posts published in recent months:

          NEWS - New Texts / NOVINKY - nové texty

A collection of short texts in the following section serves as help to all who are looking for their own path of spiritual ascension in the Light:

          How to Start Your Own Spiritual Path? / Jak nastartovat vlastní duchovní cestu?

The main information is transmitted in the form of longer texts in the section:
Articles of the Main Series
/ Články hlavní řady
This is the basic alphabet of the New Spiritual Path. When and how did it arise. Explanation of ethical principles of this path. Explanations of attitudes to the spiritual background of the world and to the material plane. Explanation of the philosophy we stand for. Explanation of what we do in our daily lives. What has become part of our everyday self-care…
The spiritual background of the past…
It is no coincidence that the articles are numbered in this particular order. We recommend reading them in the same sequence. 
In the first part there are articles with serial numbers 1 to 29: Articles I: 1 - 29 / Články I: 1 - 29

In the section:
           Current Issues of the New Development / K aktuálním otázkám nového vývoje
we react with shorter texts and spiritual communications to selected events taking place in today's world. 

Texts presented in the section:
          Spiritual Communication on the NSP / Duchovní komunikace na NDC                               
are excerpts from spiritual communications of individual beings who walk the ascending spiritual path in the Light. Impulses and information received by telepathic transmission from pure spiritual realms of the Light. 

In the section: 

         Experiences from Spiritual Healing and Karmic Cleansing / Zkušenosti z duchovní léčby a karmické očisty      
we publish impulses and experiences from karmic cleansing and spiritual healing of individuals on the ascending path of the Light. And also, for example, information found when visiting various spiritual events. We focus on those problems and situations that repeat more often or are important for a correct understanding of today's development in the world.

In the section:
         Stories from Distant Past  / Příběhy z dávné minulosti
we publish old stories which have opened to us by connecting to our own past or to the past of other individuals during karmic cleansing. 

In the section:
         Perceptions and Adventures in Nature / Zážitky v přírodě
we publish spiritual perceptions, inner feelings, spiritual experiences and stories connected with the past which have opened to us during visits to certain places in nature.        

In the section:
          Responses to Reader Reactions / Odpovědi na reakce čtenářů
we respond to selected comments, questions or criticisms from readers. We respect privacy and do not disclose data regarding the personal situation of those who contacted us.

In the section:

           Creative Activity on the NSP / Tvůrčí činnost na NDC
we present results of the creative activity of individual beings on the New Spiritual Path, for example energy radiating pictures.

On the website:
readers can find more energy radiating pictures by Petra Nováková and Ivana Zámečníková, including detailed information about them.

We select photographs of places with extraordinary energy radiation, or spiritual phenomena of Nature, for the section:

          Photos of Places with Significant Energy / Foto významných energetických míst

In the section:
          Media Interviews / Rozhovory pro média
we publish copies of interviews for magazines, websites and other public media given by people following the NSP. On any topics related to the spiritual background of the world, the spiritual path, energetic cleansing, nutrition, etc.

If you would like to financially support the project of this website, you will find the way how to do it described on the page:
         How Can You Help This Project? / Jak můžete pomoci tomuto projektu?

Why are we here on Earth - a project on Facebook

Jiří Novák

In January 2020 I started a new project for seekers who are thinking about opening a spiritual path in their life. It should help them to go in the right direction on the spiritual path. I have set up a free Facebook page “Why are we here on Earth” where I present short videos lasting 5-7 minutes.

Enter the full name of the page into the search engine. It is not necessary to have your own Facebook account and log in to Facebook to play the video. Alternatively, enter the following direct link to all videos:

I explain in them topics related to the search and development of the spiritual plane of life of today's man. Step by step, as the seeker should proceed. First to get acquainted with the basic knowledge and later receive instructions on how to work on oneself in the right way, so that a spiritual path in the Light opens up for him, not an astral path connected with magic, or even a dark path connected with the abuse of other beings.

I always provide links to related articles on this website. The videos give simple explanations for seekers needed at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Roughly only the first six texts in the section Articles of the Main Series fully correspond to this intention. The following articles go into details and other topics. To the seekers a simple introduction to each next topic helps, and only then they can read more detailed later texts. That's why we have published basic explanation of key topics as shorter supplementary texts to these first six articles.