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5E. Principles that Help Orientation in Information

Jiří Novák Published 22.3.2020
Jiří Novák

The evolution of both individuals and humanity is an ongoing process. It is essential to react to changed conditions in time. The choice of one's own spiritual path is a fundamental matter for everyone, which can affect his future life for a long time. What chance does an ordinary person have of being able to orientate himself in new information? The first signal is the reaction of one's inner self. It is a matter of a person being sufficiently internally clean and his way of life ethical, only then can he rely on this signal. If a person is strongly controlled by dark influences inside, then he cannot lean on his inner feelings. Second, the nature of recommended practices and methods. Thirdly, how is the person recommending this route doing? Fourth, simplicity is the greatest strength. Mistakes that searchers commonly make. First of all, to strengthen the light foundations of your being, and then to help change the world. Does the New Spiritual Path meet these basic requirements?

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