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At the turn of the millennium a New Spiritual Journey opens for mankind. For a more detailed explanation of what a New Spiritual Journey is, see the section

         What is the New Spiritual Journey?
Much of what we will gradually pass on on these pages is new information, not yet published in book form. Information about what is crucial for a man to do, when he is determined to enter the spiritual path. What are the options available. What he can expect from his future.

Overview of the links to the most recent texts and other contributions published in the last months, are to be found in the section
          News - New Texts

To help all who seek their own path of spiritual ascension in Light, on 25.5.2012 we have opened another new section of our website called
         How to Start Your Own Spiritual Journey?  

The main information are transmitted through longer texts in sections 

In the first part there are articles with serial numbers 1 to 29, in the second part Articles 30 to 39 and in the third part Articles numbered 40 to 49 will be progressively published. 
It is no coincidence that the articles are arranged precisely in the order as numbered. We recommend that you read them in the same sequence.  
This is the basic alphabet of the New Spiritual Journey. Explanation of its ethical principles. Explanations of attitudes to the spiritual background of the world and also towards the material plane. Explanation of the philosophy we stand for. Explanation of what we do in our daily lives. What became part of our everyday self-care.

On 3.9.2011 we have opened a new section called 
            Current Issues of the New Development
In it we will react with shorter texts and spiritual communications to the latest events taking place in the world. 

Other short texts presented in the section 
        Communication on the NSJ                                  
are excerpts directly from the spiritual communications of individual beings who walk the ascending spiritual path. Impulses and telepathic transfer of information received from spiritual realms. 

Another new section opened on 17.10.2011 is named
            Creative Activity on the NSJ 
Here we will present the results of creative activity of individual beings on the New Spiritual Journey, for example energy radiating pictures.

On the Website
readers can find more energy radiating pictures by Petra Nováková and Ivana Zámečníková, including detailed information about them.

In the following folder 
         Answers to Readers' Reactions
we will respond to eventual comments, questions or criticisms of readers. We will respect privacy and will not include details concerning the personal situation of those who contacted us. 

In the next folder 
        Experiences from Spiritual Healing and Karmic Cleansing Treatment           Experiences from Spiritual Healing and Karmic Cleansing Treatment

Experiences from Spiritual Healing and Karmic Cleansing Treatment 
we will publish information learned during visits to various spiritual events, impulses from the spiritual healing and karmic cleansing treatment of individuals on the ascending path. We focus here on the most current issues and situations that are important for correct understanding of today's development in the world.

Another new section opened on 29.3.2012 is named         
        Stories from Distant Past   
In this folder we will publish old stories which have opened to us by connecting to our own past or to the past of other individuals during karmic cleansing. 

Another new section has been opened on 14.5.2012. It's name is
        Perceptions and Adventures in Nature 
Here we will publish spiritual perceptions, inner feelings, spiritual experiences and stories connected to the past, which have opened to us during visits to certain places in nature.        

Gradually we select photographs of places with extraordinary energy radiation, or other attractions for the section
         Photo Gallery
What we are communicating to others are not mere learned and read information. We present first of all, what we perceive by our intuition, what we receive by two-way communication with higher beings - the planet Earth, Cosmic Consciousness and other higher worlds and spheres. And what we have also discovered by looking at our distant past and also that of all humankind in the karmic cleansing. And what is being in our lives and also the lives of others gradually confirmed.

Looking for Translators

We are looking for volunteers to help with the  translation of the texts on these Web pages into English. The condition is that those interested have to be a part of the New Spiritual Journey because in their case there is a higher presumption of depth understanding of the content and its meaning. And also of the resulting responsibility. The required level of English is „proficiency“, together with a long active use of the language.

If interested, please contact us on the address: 

If you would like to financially support the project of this Web site, you will find the way how to do it described on page
         How Can You Help This Project?