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1. What Is the Spiritual Plane of Life and of the World?

Jiří Novák Published 1.2.2010
Jiří Novák

Every man and his every act contains two parts, two components, two planes, levels. Physical, material, obvious plane - that is what is seen, heard, what you can feel, taste. So what we perceive through our ordinary senses. What makes the first impression. And second, spiritual, intangible, hidden plane - that represents a hidden invisible atmosphere, the mood that accompanies this man and his deeds. Hidden reasons, underlying causes, invisible driving forces. Hidden layers of reality, which often have a significant impact on the functioning of the visible physical part. Sensory and intellectual perception, printed information, television news - it can all be manipulated and may not reflect the truth. The hidden plane of life and the world brings the real truth.


    Everywhere we read about the ongoing transformation of man and the planet. In order to be included in the current transition, it is not enough just to absorb the negatively charged information about all possible hidden manipulation that is happening today. It is necessary to obtain also constructive information. How does the spiritual background of the world function. What shall I do to understand what is happening. To begin to understand the events of the time. And this will be the theme of this series of articles. Maybe some will find the first few articles too plain, uninteresting. At the beginning, though, I must describe the general issues to make clear what I am talking about and what are my sources of information. Soon we shall get to things more specific, to the latest information from the spiritual background. The new insights into this world and our past. Why are we here on this planet, where we are going and what equipment we have for this purpose at our disposal. 

Is that what the senses perceive, the real truth? 

    The vast majority of people regard as decisive evidence of the truth that they saw the thing in question or felt it or possibly tasted it. And in addition, their reason has to approve of it as acceptable and possible. Do really our five physical senses provide an objective picture of the outside world? Is what we perceive by our physical senses the only and real truth? The following examples show that it may not always be so. 

    Example 1: I am looking at smooth concrete. It seems solid, completely smooth and watertight. And yet water can permeate through it. Or the water rises through it in the form of ground humidity. 

    Example 2: An elegant man perfectly dressed and speaking persuasively. At first glance he gives the impression of reliability and trustworthiness. And yet he may be a liar, cheater, thief, or even a murderer. Physical senses are not able to decide this. Even science does not have any tools for such a situation. But some people can immediately estimate it using a kind of inner sense. 

    Example 3: My own experience from the period before 1989. I was a college teacher and  worked at the University of Economics at the time. They wanted to show the teachers who is Vaclav Havel, leader of the opposition. So they created a montage, where Mr. Havel only stammered and did not say one coherent sentence. And then we were told that such people want to disintegrate our socialist system, our homeland. Yes, it was a deliberate manipulation. To draw up a picture of Vaclav Havel as an absolute dilettante. 

    Example 4: Adapted from articles of Jitka Lenková  ("Tajné signály na TV Nova“, magazine „Skryté skutečnosti“ 29/2001, 32/2002). It is an event which, according to eyewitnesses, happened even several times.Specifically, for example, September 22, 2001 and October 27, 2001, i.e. a few days or weeks after the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Broadcast TV Nova, erotic show „Peříčko“. Between advertising and their own agendas appeared for a brief moment black streaks. One could hardly notice something like that and the physical senses failed to recognize what it was. But then somebody accidentally slowed down the video recording and found out  what the flickering streaks in fact expressed. Do you know what information was given to the head of every watching viewer? It was a fast sequence of images, which only our subconscious percieves. Slogans in English supporting in a hidden way terrorism and violence, some of which can be translated as follows: "Believe what they say. You want the truth, but you need the lie. Money is the root of everything. Watch more TV. Bombs keep us free. Love is hate. Information is power, strength. Child, grab what you can. Taste is the enemy of art." Psychologist adds („Vymývání mozků Peříčkem“,, 15.1.2002): "I find this shocking. It is completely unethical and unacceptable to get into people information of any kind in this way, even if it was only an advertisement for popcorn. If such signs are, what I saw, then we can say that it is information which makes people to be more susceptible to manipulation and not far from what is called brainwashing. It is the promotion of violence, stupidity and dullness ... The erotic stimulus causes the pupils to expand upto three times compared to normal. This increases the probability of passing information to the subliminal unconscious." All this took place despite the fact that "in most developed countries in Europe subliminal messages in television broadcasts are prohibited by law. The same is valid in the Czech Republic." 

The view of our senses does not reflect the real truth about the world

    What these four examples suggest? That physical senses give us only a superficial, simplified and often very distorted view. It is not the real truth about the world. They show us only what is most visible. And that is usually not the main thing. The reality has more layers and the most distinct layer is usually not the most important. Moreover, the senses can be easily manipulated. There are known photomontages - created photos that do not correspond to reality. For example, the body of one man with the head of another. Or creation of such a sequence of events in a film which never happened. One just  needs to cut, shuffle and glue film material. And the TV can manipulate the image of a man and present an event in a different way than it actually was. Not to mention the hidden subliminal audio or video broadcasts. The manipulating invisible energy that can be part of a covert television transmission, as was the case in the described case. Or some mindless TV ads, after which people go and buy a product to try it out. Sometimes without understanding why they actually do it. Hundreds of thousands and millions of people „gently“ manipulated. 

The reality has more layers

    Example 5: The candle flame. Try to see yourself and feel a candle flame in a dark room. You will understand that this is a complicated energy formation, which affects the environment in the whole room. Not convinced? Recognize the brightest core – that can burn us when we are careless. Next nearest layers ten centimeters from the core warm us. And the finest layers, which extend to larger and larger distances? They drove away the darkness from every corner, they created light. All these manifestations are an integral part of the flame, and accompany the core of the flame, which can burn you. The candle flame is thus a multi-level energy formation, which clearly penetrates and permeates the entire room. There is no exact ending, border of the flame. On the contrary, the flame goes on in finer and less visible layers. Why do you usually light the candle? To be burned? Or to warm yourself up? No, you usually to be able to see. To drive a gloomy atmosphere of darkness away, when they suddenly turn off electricity. The candle and its flame create for you a more pleasant atmosphere. So, what is the most important of the candle flame? The finest layers, which create a favorable atmosphere of light throughout the room. 

A man radiates a certain atmosphere around himself

    And what about a man? Is it just the physical body that we can see? Or does the being of a man, like a candle flame, also other more subtle invisible layers, which spread around his body? Let me give you another example. 

    Example 6: You are in a room. Without having seen or heard something, you suddenly feel that you have to turn around. That something is going on blind you. You turn and see that someone new has entered the room. You perceive something special, kind of invisible atmosphere that this man radiates. You sit close to someone you like and feel how well you are, without touching each other. And you do not even have to talk about anything. Or vice versa, you meet somebody else and you feel aversion inside. You regret that you did not take another path. Have you already experienced any of this? 

    Also a man radiates around himself then a certain atmosphere that influences you even without words. This atmosphere, however, unlike the candle flame, is not visible. It can be contentment, peace, positivity, or on the contrary confusion, chaos, stress, ill humor. For this reason, many people feel that someone is behind them or that someone is watching them. They simply sense certain invisible impulses that come from the man. It is not difficult to see in these phenomena some similarities between the candle flame and the man. 

    Example 7: One gives somebody a rose. It does appear from the perspective of the ordinary senses and the reason as laudable, nice act. But the atmosphere of the action is important and that neither reason nor senses can detect. Has he donated the flower from love? Or fear of having a trouble? Or has he calculated to gain some advantage for himself? Or, in revenge to cause the other to prick with the poisoned thorn and die? 

    In the previous examples I tried to explain that reality has more layers. However, the physical senses perceive only the distinct, clear, obvious surface, that is, what is most visible. They can not recognize a real atmosphere of the event. And the reason does not help us here either. Yet the hidden atmosphere exists and has an effect on us. It is quite natural, normal part of our world. There is nothing supernatural in it. Many people perceive it, experience it.  And these people who feel the atmosphere, are no fools. Yes, I am talking about the hidden plane of the life. Why is it important to take interest in it? 

Sensory and intellectual perception can be manipulated 

    Our sensory and intellectual perception is manipulated. A lot of things we can not examine by means of our own personal experience. For example, a report about the state budget. Or a statement that there is no atmosphere on the Moon. That man evolved from ape. How many such official communications do we accept as facts and consider them to be true automatically. For behind such claims there are authorities - Minister of Finance, world-renowned scientists, cosmonautics administration. Are these officially communicated facts always true? Or, are we sometimes consciously and deliberately lied to? 

    Example 8: Lets see a specific situation. On 19th and 20th September 2006 there were destructive demonstrations in Hungary. The result was knocked out shop windows, burning cars, a destroyed television station. And all that because the Hungarian Prime Minister lied about the state of the country's economy. How many times were our political representatives, leaders of our country, caught publically lying. The consequences are then understandable. Only a handful of politicians are trusted by more than 50 % of the public. 

    Example 9: One state invaded another militarily and occupies it for many years. And politicians are trying to defend it. How much truth is in their words and what are mere camouflage lies? Is it really about fighting terrorism or the need to control oil resources in the area? It is necessary to monitor subtle strings and then  we can better understand the situation. For example, who gave the final order to attack? What if it was one whose family owns or controls corporations processing petroleum? 

Even printed information may not reflect the truth 

    Thousands of published books offer significantly distorted truth. Even worse is that many of them are in great demand.Their author is a recognized capacity, so people are buying them. Mere name, however, is not always a guarantee of quality and truth. The authors argue in their books that they wrote the truth about this world. And yet this is not always the case. It is getting entangled. Even our own experience, the words of politicians, the theories of scientists, television broadcasts, written words, any of this may not always reflect the truth. Many perceptions and information which affect us, are conducted to knowingly falsify reality and to manipulate us. Our senses do not recognize it. Even our reason, the last and highest adviser, often fails to detect it. People believe they are told the truth and are very angry, when they become aware that they were deceived. Does this mean that we are helplessly delivered into the hands of those who govern us? Those who officially inform the public? Or are there other ways to find out the real truth about this world, about its functioning? How are we to orientate in all this? Is there any chance at all to recognize truth from falsehood? 

The hidden plane of life and of the world brings the truth

    Yes, there is a way to get to know and understand the truth, even if it obscured by a pile of demagogy and lies. For many people already do it. Just remember that the material world is not all that surrounds us. That the physical perceptions and officially communicated information are not the only thing we can find out about  the event. That there is some kind of hidden plane of life and the world, which contains the truth in itself. The truth about the development of mankind. The truth about what  it looks like on the Moon.The truth about the theory of evolution of man. The truth about how we got here on Earth, why we are here and where we are heading to.  Just to find the hidden plane of life and learn to perceive it. And that is what I am going to write about in this series of articles. 

    In the background of the matter, there is then another hidden plane of life and the world. And how are we going to call it? In English the word "spiritual" is used and we translate it as "duchovni", "spirituální". Because the word "spirit" means "soul, ghost". But the "spirits" also captures the „mood, humor, temper, atmosphere".  The word "spiritual" thus on one hand expresses something secret, mysterious, maybe even a bit supernatural, what is in the background of the material plane. At the same time also suggests underlying mood, humor, atmosphere. That is what many of us can normally perceive. 

    So I conclude. 

Every man and his every act contain two parts, two components, two levels

    1) The physical, material, obvious level - that is what is seen, heard, what you can feel, taste. So what we can perceive through our ordinary five senses. What makes the first impression. 

    2) The spiritual, intangible, hidden plane - that is a hidden invisible atmosphere, the mood that accompanies this man and his deeds. Hidden reasons, underlying causes, invisible driving forces. Hidden levels of reality, which often have a significant impact on the functioning of the visible physical layer. 

Hidden plane of reality exists independently of what we think about it

    These two components exists regardless of what anyone thinks about it. And if he believes it or not. The act to donate flower has its subtle hidden intent, whether you want it or not. And it is not a matter of any faith. It is a normal part of our life. Some man radiates around himself a positive mood and pleasant feeling, without saying anything. Even that is no faith. It is just a real story, even if we do not see it with the eyes, or we cannot touch it. We can imagine the material plane as a tip of an iceberg, which protrudes above the water-level and everyone can see it. While spiritual plane represents the submerged part of the glacier, which is not visible. At the same time, however, this hidden immersed part forms the larger portion of the glacier and has a major impact on the behavior of the glacier and its visible tip. Even though we cannot perceive it with our ordinary senses. 

Objects, animals and other creatures have also a hidden plane

    I have explained that a man and his every action have a hidden spiritual plane, which expresses an invisible atmosphere, the mood that accompanies the man or his actions. Which contains the hidden reasons for his actions. Hidden forces to which he listens. Let's move on. And what about a wallet or other object? Do they also have a spiritual plane? Or, heavy rain, flooding, which floods houses. Or fall of an asteroid on the planet and the subsequent destruction of all life. These events also have a hidden cause, hidden spiritual plane? And the dog, cat, bear or other animal. Do they also have a spiritual plane? The answer is simple. 

    Even a dog can still be nice, friendly, positive, or on the other hand grumpy, angry, irritated. So also any animal or beings of a different nature have their own hidden spiritual plane. Likewise, all human creations, such as chairs, car, purse, contain both material and an intangible, immaterial spiritual plane. In case of objects it is limited to recording information about the entire history of the object. Who made it and what energy he put into it - whether the energy of honest work, or on the contrary the energy of indifference, boredom and slave routine or even of the effort to harm someone. Who used the object and what relationship he had towards it. Also in this case, there were and there are people who are able to read from the object's history. The relevant field is called psychometry and is one of the areas of clairvoyance. Examples can be found in the biographical novel by František Bardon („Frabato“) or in the articles of Miloš Jesenský („Psychometrie kontra archeologie“, „Navrstvený čas“, magazine „Skryté skutečnosti“ 14, 15, 16/2000).

Any event has a hidden background as well

    Also, any event has two sides. Even here there is a tangible, material physical progress of events and the intangible, immaterial spiritual content, spiritual background of the incident. The material progress shows how the event appears to our physical senses , what the event looks like from the outside and what is its apparent cause. Spiritual envelope contains answers to questions, what is the true inner meaning of the event, what is the inner motor, the inner driving force which had brought the event to life. And what message it brings to each of the concerned parties. 

    Example 10: One man had his apartment burglarized. Physical assessment of the event from his party usually looks like this: "It is bad luck, why did this happen to me? I do not deserve this. Who was the villain who did it?" The real spiritual background of the event can be detected in the following way. I begin to ponder over what this man took to somebody else, that such an incident has happened to him. Oh, already for a few years he has been consuming a part of electricity undeclared  and has not paid for it. So he also steals. And so actually he has lost only what he had unlawfully taken before. Spiritual hidden accountancy only settled his debt. Sometimes such an event brings a spiritual message from previous incarnations. A man did not steal in this life, the reason for his current robbery can be found in some previous life.Then he was a thief and robbed others. Now he has firsthand experience of what the other party feels – the feeling of the unfairly robbed and the related sense of injustice. Such phenomena are associated with the Karmic Law, which I will talk about another time. 

All the objects of nature have hidden background

    Vast majority of other objects both organic and inorganic nature - plants, trees, lakes, rivers, ponds, mountain peaks, mountain ranges, etc. has a spiritual background. For example, in the spiritual envelope of a certain place there are records of visits of all beings, who passed through this spot, and events which happened there. There are people who are able to assess the energy of localities and draw out of it specific information from the past - see Pavel Kozák („Místa působení“). Also the planet Earth as a whole, our Sun, Solar System, Galaxy and the Universe have their spiritual plane. Everything that does not have a spiritual envelope is almost dead or just before the end of existence. Whether it is a man or an object of inorganic nature. Next time, we will talk about other reasons why it is important to concern oneself with the spiritual background of the world. And what consequences follow, when people reject or ignore this spiritual background. 

About the author: Jiří Novák is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague. He has 20 years experience as a scientist and university teacher at the School of Economics (doc., RNDr. CSc.). After another nine years of preparation for a new life stage he has been working since 2003 as a spiritual teacher and healer dealing with diagnostics and optimization of the energy system and chakras of man. He helps to direct people onto the New Spiritual Path.  In addition to dozens of seminars in years 2003 – 2007, he had a total of 24 public lectures on spiritual issues in the „Kulturní dům Vltavská“ (House of Culture Vltavska) in Prague 7.

© Jiří Novák, February 2010