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When did the New Spiritual Path Arise?

What skills were the ancient people endowed with and how they used them? What possibilities and hidden abilities have we – the contemporary people on the planet Earth?

Early mankind on the planet Earth had an open spiritual awareness, lived to an advanced age of thousands of years and had enormous creative ability to transform matter and various forms of energy through thought and their own will. Due to the Evil introduced into the evolution of the planet, however, ancient civilizations declined spiritually and ethically and have not found the strength to uplift themselves again. Disasters followed, which each of the pre-existing highly technically advanced civilizations eliminated from the physical world. A new project came up, a new attempt of the Creators to create a civilization able to resist the Evil, to commence a path of spiritual ascent and restore the development of the human civilization on the path of Light. We, today’s people, have a blurred spiritual consciousness, we live to a short age and we cannot simply create through our idea and will. We have, however, something that the ancient people did not have. What had neither angels nor Creators from the spiritual realms above us. Hidden ability of an unlimited spiritual ascension. The possibility to ascend over any kind of borders, barriers and spiritual thresholds. And an inner desire for knowledge that drives us beyond the boundaries of this world.

However, it is necessary to find a way how to awaken this ability in ourselves. How to get by an ethically clean way on the path of ascension. It is simple, but not obvious. Optimal nutrition, daily care for the functioning of our energy organs - the chakras, conscious work on eliminating bad habits. All this is necessary for entering an ascending spiritual path. And when you achieve a very high level of internal balance, the New Spiritual Path opens in front of you, leading you beyond the boundaries of this Universe. We are not talking here about astral traveling or a penetration into other dimensions by means of artificial techniques and devices. We mean an increase in the frequency of internal bioenergy, in the inner purity and harmony, to which we have tuned ourselves. And subsequent connection with spiritual levels, creatures and worlds above the range of frequencies accessible within our Universe. This allows us a spiritual communication with them, either in form of inner spiritual vision or thoughts, i.e. a telepathic communication, or inner feelings, intuition. And further, purification and treatment through their energies, which they allow us to draw. Exceptionally, if necessary, even a visit of the spiritual part of our beings in these lands beyond our world and Universe.

First people managed to enter the New Spiritual Path and break through the energy ceiling of the frequency of our Universe at the end of the second millennium A.D., at the turn of the millennium and ages. This web site serves for presenting the level of truth, which is perceived by people on the planet Earth on the New Spiritual Path from this new level of spiritual insight. Try to receive these new information without any material and spiritual prejudices. The new truth is for someone very hard to accept, especially when contrary to information in hundreds of books by acclaimed authors. Try yourself to embark on a journey of spiritual ascension. And then you will have the opportunity to see for yourself the new truth, through your own perception of the spiritual background of this world. However, it is not crucial how many books you read and how many seminars and lectures you attend. What is decisive is what you will do yourself today, tomorrow and each day thereafter. Mere reasoning and discussing has not brought anyone on the ascending path yet. Try to put the new information into the daily practice of your life, day after day. Only then will it have significance, what you had read on these pages.