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We Are not Pacifists and We do not Reject Fight

If we fail to stand up against Evil, it will absorb us, seize control. Whether it will be obvious or realized as domination on hidden levels.

If we do not fight the Evil, it will seize control, we will end up absorbed by it. Whether it will be obvious or realized as domination on hidden levels. For a simple example we do not have to go far. Just remember the second World War. Where would we all be today if our ancestors left the Nazis to win, without a fight? That would be the ideal attitude of the dominated sheep from Matrix. Evil exists, even if we do not know about it, or not evaluate it as Evil. Hidden energy links of domination, manipulation, parasitizing and abuse on subconscious level are namely still ongoing in our world. If any spiritual path shall aim at a positive change in development, it can not reject fight.  

By that, however, we do not mean solving of common problems in families, workplaces, with coarse words and violence in matter. We do not advocate hard aggression and physical violence. It is about something else. We perceive that one needs to defy all that, what openly and covertly dominates him. It may be material oppression. It may be sucking out energy from one's partner. Although he does not know about it, he induces it by his errors against ethics. By his unclean way of life. It may be exploitation in employment. It is our full right to openly point out what restricts my personal freedom and what harms me or my children. And insist on a solution and remedy of the situation. We are not in the era of serfdom and slavery any more, where one person treats the other as his property. Even if it was a husband, wife or boss at work.

First and foremost it is necessary to defy one's own past, long-ago errors and terrible faults. To accomplish releasing oneself from the karmic ties that connect to such a past and get such layers off oneself. By admiting the error and accepting the blame, by sincere apology and asking with humbleness for karmic release. And when a life test comes up, and I get into a similar situation as back then in the past, that this time I manage to react differently. With greater ethical purity, with more consideration for other beings, for nature. And only then I confirm that my apologies were serious and that I have really internally changed.

It is also necessary to defy the open and hidden domination that streams to us from other persons around us, the mass media, from a variety of manipulative advertisements.  To which we are exposed as a result of interventions of hidden institutions of power in the world that seek to subdue the greater part of humankind. When we were asking the spiritual spheres at the end of 90's of 20th century, what is the ratio of forces of Light and Darkness in the world and the tendency of further development, we got this answer: Light 15 %, Darkness 85 %. And now? Light 65 %, Darkness 35 %. However, this reflects not only the ratio in the matter but also the situation in the spiritual background of the world, which is radically changing in recent years. What caused this turnaround?

Many say it is because there are new energies flowing here from the center of the Galaxy. That it is thus a consequence of the particular position of the Sun towards the center of the Galaxy. The position which recurs every 24 thousand years. Yes, this situation is an opportunity for change and new development. It is, however, still needed to take the opportunity.  Primarily, new cleaner energies flow here from higher spiritual worlds above our Universe now. But even this is not automatic. Behind any real change there must be human activity. People on the ascending spiritual path cleanse themselves. They also cleanse the planet and the nature on Earth from the domination of the Darkness. Anyone who wants to help the global development must first start with himself, with his own karmic cleansing. And only after some time, after achieving higher inner harmony, he gains the possibility and ability to help the nature, the planet, our human existence also in another way.

With a flower in hand you will not defeat the Evil. History confirms that whenever the forces of Light won a temporary superiority over the Darkness, it was always thanks to a determination to resolve the situation, not to hesitate to go into battle.  To employ all our will, determination and confidence that we have the right to fight for our freedom. That our struggle is the only right way. Fight in the sense of taking action, acceptance of changes, striving by concrete acts for a radical reversal in the development of humankind. And if it is absolutely necessary, then possibly even a just war conflict. As an example, the fight against Nazism in the World War II.

There is one crucial „but“.  When any attempt to change the material conditions begins with a violent physical action, it often ends up as a massacre. We can find enough examples from the past - the Paris Commune and many working-class rebellions and uprisings. It is important to understand that in the first place there must always be a spiritual transformation. Sufficiently prepared conditions, base in the spiritual background of the world and of the beings. Because it is the spiritual background that is primary and determinant for the development in the matter. What does such a change of circumstances in the spiritual background of the world mean? Above all, thorough cleansing and harmonization of individuals and also of the environment. Deep understanding of the principles of development. Of the spiritual law of cause and effect, that is Karma. And a full understanding of the connection and succession of processes in the spiritual background and in the matter. So we are back where we already were. If anyone from you wants to contribute to a change of the functioning of this world, he must first ensure a spiritual ascension of his being and start with his own deep karmic cleansing. That is the only way to change this world.