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Our Attitude to Spiritual Communication

Spiritual communication provides us advice and impulses about a higher level of truth than the one we can perceive through our ordinary senses.

We consider spiritual communication with spiritual levels of our world, with higher worlds above our Universe, with the planet Earth, the Sun, with nature, etc., to be an extraordinarily important source of valuable information. Therefore, we communicate daily on the New Spiritual Path. Because a quality spiritual communication is not just a result of inner purity, but also of exercise and regular habit. Only thus is one able to transmit spiritual information to the matter in a pure and non-distorted way, without affecting it with one's wishes or, conversely, with one's worries and fears. Of course, information from the spiritual communication are not the only ones. We cannot live completely separated from the material world. We also need to know what is going on in the matter. To have an overview of major events. Spiritual communication provides us then the explanation why this or that happened. What do these events mean. What significance they have for the planet, for humanity, for the individual. To what does the development of today's mankind lead up.

Spiritual communication gives us advice and impulses about a higher level of truth than the one we can perceive through our ordinary senses. And since we establish a spiritual connection daily, we are sure that if a situation arises in life, when we should make an important step, a radical change in something, we will receive a clear and strong impulse to do so in time.

People say that only the matter gives certainty, assurance, security. That everything spiritual is invisible, inconclusive and weak. Or even completely made-up. That certainty is only what I can see and hear. What is repeated by many people around us. And yet, an unexpected job loss, family breakdown, sudden misfortune come then suddenly. What, in fact, the material certainty looks like, indicate many disasters, which are on the agenda in this period. Earthquakes, fires, falling aircrafts, tragic accidents, bankruptcies, loss of property, devastating diseases. Hundreds of thousands of dead in one incident, millions of others who lost their homes, background, property. Children losing parents. Parents to whom their children will never return. Huge tragedies of individuals, even entire nations. This is the material certainty?

On the contrary a spiritual path, respecting spiritual impulses and indications, use of opportunities and challenges -all this gives certainty that I go in my life in the right direction. And if I have progressed on my journey far enough, just such a path will begin to attract to me everything I need. Not what my ego needs and desires. But what my complete being needs for optimal development and permanent ascent. For example, an encounter with a particular being, unexpected money supply, offer of an extraordinary opportunity.