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How to Ask for Energy from Spiritual Realms?

When we have the right to apply for energy aid? And how can we ensure that the healing bioenergy flows freely without interferences of our will?

When do we have the right to apply for energy aid from spiritual realms? Can the energies from above replace our duty to take care of ourselves, of our spiritual body and its energy organs? That in no case.  You will not avoid the everyday obligation to take care of optimal nutrition and optimal functioning of your chakras by means of energy intake from the spiritual realms. From this viewpoint, bioenergies represent only a supplementary help. It is important to first begin to take care of the functioning of your being yourself for some time. And only then you have the ethical right to ask for help in times of emergency. In no case, however, you have the right to ask for help for yourself, when you are not doing consciously anything for your spiritual ascension.

If I feel that I need bioenergies from the spiritual spheres and higher levels of consciousness, I simply ask for them the right way. I use it in all situations when I feel a temporary inner disharmony. When I feel out-of-tune due to the influence of surrounding events. Or I feel any energetic attack on myself. This way, following the intake of energy of higher level of harmony, I return faster and easier to my original inner stability. I also ask for energy when trying to help others in the form of energy healing. Or when, on the basis of inner impulses, I receive instruction to heal a particular place on the planet, such as cleaning a disaster site. Or natural object, a peak, water surface, a certain tree or any other being. I recommend to others a formula which any beginner can use, who decided to enter the ascending spiritual path by an ethically pure way:

     "Thank you the United Forces of the Light, Karma and Nature, that pure light energy enters me and that this energy heals me... (harmonizes, spiritually cleanses, eliminates fatigue, protects, enables me to fall asleep, releases the attached captive of the planet....)". 

After expressing this formula I relax, fully open and wait. Who is sufficiently sensitive to energies, will feel the start of the flow of bioenergies after a few seconds. Who does not feel anything, never mind, bioenergies always flow upon this request, if you are on the right path of ascension.

And if I need this energy to help my child or other being, to help a sick animal, to clean a place in nature, to release an imprisoned captive of the planet, the request is almost identical. The difference is that if you try to heal in this way another being without authorization, the bioenergies do not start to flow. Simply nothing will happen. As proof that you want something that is not ethically pure and correct.

    "Thank you the United Forces of the Light, Karma and Nature, that pure light energy enters through me into this being.... (into this person, this animal, this place on the planet, this tree....), and that this energy heals it.... (harmonizes, spiritually cleanses, eliminates fatigue, protects....)".

Yes, this is the secret of ethically pure approach to all types of bioenergies, this is the secret of spiritual energy healing with which it is possible to help other people. No magic, no visualization. Just thanks, request for help and opening to the energies. And then they themselves begin to flow in an optimal quantity and frequency. Another thing, which is still needed, is merely a sufficient inner spiritual purity and steady ascension in Light. Only this way I ensure that the forces of Darkness and dark levorotary bioenergies do not connect to me. On the level of my inner tuning, on the strength of my spiritual ascension then depends the efficiency of these energies and the extent of the problems which these bioenergies passing through me are able to solve.