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6D. Why is Achieving Ascension in the Light Important?

Jiří Novák Published 6.5.2020
Jiří Novák

The primary goal on the path of ascension in the Light is not the acquisition of spiritual abilities and spiritual perception. Achieving a stable light ascension is essential for several reasons: Access to higher levels of truth, learning to recognize the level of truth, informational connection with Nature, planet Earth, Cosmic Consciousness, the ability to distinguish a being of Light from a dark being, makes us direct allies of Nature and the Planet, will allow to get rid of parasitizing influences from this life, gives a chance to face real attempts at parasitization, is the key to starting a continuous karmic cleansing. Natural and ethically clean methods usually provide results after a longer period of time. How soon can I expect first results? Cleansing manifestations of continuous work on oneself. How do people overcome possible loneliness? Searching on our website. Basic support for seekers, possibility of feedback.

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