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5F. Partnership and Spiritual Journey

Jiří Novák Published 27.3.2020
Jiří Novák

The choice of a spiritual path has a fundamental influence on the compatibility of partners. A partnership will not harmonize if only one of the couple embarks on the path of real ascension in the Light. On the contrary, problems previously „swept under the carpet“ often begin to be exaggerated and emerge on the surface. If one of the partners begins to deal intensively with spiritual information typical of the Old Spiritual Path, then nothing may happen to the relationship. However, a fundamentally different situation arises if a person begins to strive for the achievement of light ascension through consistent, properly focused efforts. In this case, it is not just a matter of opinion tolerance, but of automatically acting energies between two people in permanent contact. The biggest risk in such a situation is a "wild" karmic cleansing. Why should it matter?

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