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Stories from Distant Past

This Czech language website was founded in 2010 and contains thousands of pages. It is not within our power to translate it entirely into English. So far we have translated only the first section, introductory texts to the sections, from the Articles of the Main Series opening summaries to the first articles and the article No. 1. Therefore, below we provide a link to the Czech version of this section and you can use machine translations, such as Google Translator. 

In this section we publish old stories which have opened to us by connecting to our own past or to the past of other individuals during karmic cleansing: Příběhy z dávné minulosti

Petra Nováková                                                      Published 29.3.2012

S1. Anyone, Who Wants to Carry the Light, Needs to Get Rid of Magic from the Past 

        Story about my horse Nahar from the distant past

Ivana Zámečníková                                                Published 13.4.2012

S2. What Were the Original Principal Ideas of the Teachings of Jesus? 

         The story of what I had in common with Jesus

Marie Mejdrová                                                       Published 22.4.2012

S3. Black Brotherhood Gained Gontrol over the Main Structures of the Christian Church 

Story about how the highest church dignitaries succumbed to the Dark Forces

Petra Nováková                                                       Published 5.5.2012

S4. Invasion of the Universe People on Earth 

          My horse Nahar from the distant past – 2nd part