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When did the New Spiritual Path Arise?

What skills were the ancient people endowed with and how they used them? What possibilities and hidden abilities have we – the contemporary people on the planet Earth?

Life Philosophy on the New Spiritual Path

What ethical principles we advocate. What we consider to be pure spiritual ascension. And on the contrary, what spiritual practices and techniques we reject.

What Is a Pure Spiritual Ascension?

Optimal nutrition, daily care for the proper functioning of my chakras, avoiding everything that harms me.

Our Attitude to the Matter and Material Equipment

We do not support wasting, neither excessive consumption, ostentatious abundance and luxury. On the other hand, we reject also any contempt of things, property, basic material equipment.

Our Attitude to Spiritual Communication

Spiritual communication provides us advice and impulses about a higher level of truth than the one we can perceive through our ordinary senses.

We Are not Pacifists and We do not Reject Fight

If we fail to stand up against Evil, it will absorb us, seize control. Whether it will be obvious or realized as domination on hidden levels.

How to Ask for Energy from Spiritual Realms?

When we have the right to apply for energy aid? And how can we ensure that the healing bioenergy flows freely without interferences of our will?