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3B. Three Different Variants of the Spiritual Path

Jiří Novák Published 31.1.2020
Jiří Novák

Why do people seek a spiritual path? What actually is a spiritual path? The goal of a spiritual journey should be to find access to a higher truth, to find your so far hidden inner voice, the voice of intuition. Three different variants of the spiritual path. Widespread astral spiritual path. Today's humanity is closest to the astral plane. What all bound man to the astral level? The essential point is that the astral path does not lead one to the Light, in fact it represents a lower stage of the dark path. We consider the spiritual path in Light to be the only correct one for today's people. Its goal is to establish an information connection with the Dhyan angels, with the planet Earth, Nature, the Sun, the Universe - Cosmic Consciousness. The path of Light represents the natural daily work on oneself. On our characterictics, permanent positivity, firmness and stability. The dark spiritual path represents the worst that human society has produced throughout its history.

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