Our Attitude to the Matter and Material Equipment

    We do not support life sunk into matter. Life which is directed only at the accumulation of property, gaining material prestige, status, influence, power. At achieving material superiority over others due to one‘s position.  Wasting natural resources. Excessive consumption – „I“ can afford it. Showing everybody the abundance and ostentatious luxury in which I can afford to live.

    On the other hand, we reject also any contempt of things, property, basic material equipment. We oppose the fact that as a synonym for a man on a spiritual journey was considered poverty, renunciation of property, abandoning property. Or even living in a cave without basic material needs. A spiritually oriented, internally pure man deserves adequate modern equipment too. Family background, basic material furnishings for his household. The possibility to travel, the possibility to dedicate part of the day to resting. It is needed to watch with what things I surround myself and advance in this matter day after day. It is necessary to discard old outdated, already non-functional things. And surround ourselves with modern higher quality and better working things which make our material life easier and more pleasant. Surely also we, people on a spiritual path, have a right to this.